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GWG Timelines

GWG Timelines

Our new Timelines© pricing is geared to make this standout report even more accessible to home and property owners with a lower price-point for personal use to protect your most valuable assets. For commercial users (anyone who is using the report to generate revenue) our reports are still competitively priced for use in your business case.

GWG Timelines© reports are a new way to look at the potential impact of hail over a location. While other reports look to share a summary of an event and reduce an entire day into a single value of "maximum hail size" or an unknown index for how severe hail may or may not have been, GWG Timelines© reports represent a comprehensive view of how a storm affects a location over a duration. The longer a location is exposed to a potential hail producing storm, the likelihood of damage increases as well as the probability of larger hail. These factors combine to feed into GWG's Damage Likelihood score and are backed by rigorous physics from scientific publications. 

Due to the specific nature of the processing for Timelines©, reports may take up to 24 hours to process. We thank you for your patience.

See our walkthrough of Timelines features here.

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