Every good developer generates a roadmap, and at GWG we're no exception. Below outlines our development plans and best-estimates at future products. All of this is subject to change at any time. However, GWG will do its best to make our clients and followers aware of any updates to these plans! Make sure to subscribe (below) to our updates to get the latest information!
  • Microconsulting

    Have you ever wanted to "phone a friend" for a meteorologist? Our microconsulting service coming summer of 2023 will offer an economical solution to meteorological inquiries.

  • Additional peril information

    Want to learn more about how GWG evaluates the presence of meteorological perils? Summer of 2023 GWG will add in tropical and excessive rain information pages!

  • Preschool and K-5 outreach

    We are developing a curriculum for preschool groups and K-5 elementary students to bring fun and learning together!  By combining books, crafts, movement, and hands-on STEAM activities, we can teach young children important early meteorological concepts.

  • Meteorological display tool

    Leveraging Scott's extensive background in hardware accelerated processing and graphics, GWG plans to make a meteorological display tool available within our first year.