We've finally gone and done it...we're starting to create some GWG branded merchandise to sell. We're starting with an awesome tumbler and a couple of t-shirts. Our goal is to expand into more as we get our name out there. Help us out by purchasing something today!


So we're pretty pumped about this...most of the effort is in places where no one will ever see (protecting data, security, authentication, authorization, data acquisition, analytics, etc... boring computer crap) this marks an exciting day for us!

Those with a keen eye and attention to detail may notice a certain link on our website is back up and running! We've been focused hard on our infrastructure to make What APPened start to become a reality! While it's a humble beginning, and likely full of bugs, our GWG radar viewer is back! Check it out!


April 3, 2024 is our one-year anniversary. But why only celebrate one day, when you can celebrate for one whole month?

GWG plans to share special discounts, product changes, and new offerings throughout the month of April. Curious? Read on!

  • April 3-10: Timelines© price changes and product discount
  • April 11-17: Release of the GWG WhatAPPened© live radar viewer
  • April 18-24: Additional GWG WhatAPPened© offerings, including personalized account settings and subscription services
  • April 25: GWG Merchandise Store Opens


We have some big announcements coming up for our 1-year anniversary! One exciting one is changes to pricing. For our GWG Timelines reports, personal-use (if you are the property owner) will now be only $49! For commercial use (anyone using our reports to generate revenue), our reports will stay at their competitive price of $59.



A week ago, those with keen eyes may remember I posted a map (top left) I'm posting the same map (bottom right) showing this blocking pattern that's STILL sticking around. I haven't seen blocking this dominant since the Chiefs won the Super Bowl! GWG can help navigate these complex forecast patterns with our new FREE pilot program (we still have a few spots left). Contact us here to learn more!

Compare 500mb to a week ago


A tale of 2 months! Using our "getevents" API we can see a very different spatial distribution of hail in May as in June (to-date). Check out central Kansas in May vs central Kansas in June! This is just a snippet of some of the cool work we're doing behind the scenes at GWG. Join our mailing list (at the bottom of our main page) to get cool updates like this once a month!

hail in june vs may


Whoa! We missed a much going on! Rest assured, our social media pages have all the latest and greatest information (see them here: and

KEAX radar image sample

You'll notice some exciting additions coming to our website soon! We'll be adding real-time radar imagery, starting with the KC area (#keepitlocal). Please give us any feedback and we'll start to expand the regions where we generate the data as well as add products. We're excited to be working with our clients/partners and users to expand these new features! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage to get more inside scoop!


We are pleased to announce that Ganson Weather Group has been accepted as a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador!  We look forward to working with and helping schools, our customers, and the community to become ready, responsive, and resilient to extreme weather.  Head over to, scroll to the bottom, and subscribe to our emails to receive our monthly newsletter, including special offers on products and more information on the WRN Ambassador program.Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ and the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ logo are trademarks of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, used with permission.


Spring is officially here, with severe storms causing damage all across the country.  Not exactly sure which date caused your damageWind uplift on shingles?  Let us help!  Call or setup for your FREE 15-minute consultation to decide which product is right for you. We can help determine when your roof was damaged and what kind of weather caused the damage (wind, hail etc.). We work with adjusters, engineers and insurance companies to help ensure your property repair goes smoothly!



Did you know we offer 15 minutes of free consultation on all of our products and services? Sign up at the bottom of the page to receive information like this as well as discounts and more information on what we're up to. Work continues on our Timelines© web application and, since GWG is a family-owned business, head over and check out Graham's contributions as he discusses weather topics for kids!


Michelle snapped this awesome picture of mammatus near GWG's main office!Mammatus clouds near GWG 



Wow! So we’ve been open a month, and just a recap:

  • we've released our Timelines product
  • we've released our Insights product
  • Sponsored forecasting for kids' mountain biking races in the state of Kansas
  • Joined a group of business processionals to increase our marketing reach
  • Working furiously on enhancing our infrastructure

Just to name a few...PHEW! And for the last biggie, we are officially announcing that GWG will be releasing its cross-platform-cross-screen app that is designed to be a portal into all things GWG. The first feature rollout will be an interactive experience with our Timelines product, supporting data interrogation, zooming/panning and full interactivity. We’ll be looking for beta testers as early as 5/15/2023. If you’re interested, please contact us through our website, email at or call at +1.816.263.8761!


GWG is excited to announce the release of our GWG Timelines product! Our first version of the report is now available for purchase. Check out the walkthrough to learn about the exciting features of the product!

Example of version 1 of Timelines


A lot has happened in the last week! GWG Timelines is proceeding to our beta test as planned, a special thank you to all that are helping to test this exciting new product. If you're still interested in becoming a beta-tester please reach out by emailing us at or use our Contact page. A quick sneak peek at this new product: Example of GWG Timelines.

Additionally, in an effort to better illustrate how our products work together, our One-page Reports are being rebranded to GWG Insight Reports.
Learn how GWG Timelines can lead you to GWG Insights here!


GWG is excited to announce GWG Timelines, with a planned beta release the week of 4/17! If you're interested in testing, please contact us (with the link, replying to this post or shoot us an email at This exciting new product will offer a twist on historical impacts of weather (initially hail) over locations you care about. Focusing on a visual representation of these events and removing traditional tables full of numbers, GWG Timelines will illustrate the importance of recurring events, the duration of these events, and when coupled with a GWG One-page report, estimate the full range of hail sizes that impacted a location. This emphasis on not just a single hail size, but instead a number of how many different size hail stones impacted property, we believe, will give the most accurate estimation of damage caused by hail offered today.

Thank you again to all of our supporters and individuals who continue to give us valued feedback and business making this new venture possible! We look forward everyday to helping you navigate the dynamic waters of meteorology! 



We're open for business! GWG is happy to announce we're officially open. Please head over to and check out what we can offer, or just say hey! Thank you everyone who had a hand in making this possible.

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