GWG Pilot Program

Join our FREE pilot program today! This program is designed to provide us feedback for how you use weather information, and in turn you get free answers to weather-related questions! 

What we're doing
All of us are affected by the weather in different ways and this grand experiment is meant to survey the many ways in which you use weather data. The end goal will be to create a GWG subscription service that meets your needs in an accurate, flexible and affordable way. Conversely, this will help GWG maintain a more predictable bottom-line that doesn't fluctuate as the weather changes. Ultimately, this will help us as we look to introduce a GWG app in 2024!
How do I submit a question?
Please use one of the following methods:
  • call or text 816-263-8761 stating who you are, and as many specifics as you can supply. This will help us answer your question in the most meaningful way possible!
  • submit a question via email to: 
  • submit a question via our website at:  Contact – Ganson Weather Group
Don't forget to specify how you'd like us to reach you! If you don't, we'll default to the method by which you contacted us. For instance, if you texted us, we'll simply text you back. If you emailed us, we'll email you back. 
How does it work?
Once you submit a question via one of the methods outlined above, GWG will either "accept", "reject" or ask for clarification on your question. Once the question has been accepted please allow up to 24 hour for us to get back to you with a response.
What to expect
Starting Monday, 2/19 and lasting through Friday 3/22, GWG will be offering a limited-time free service to participating volunteers. During this time volunteers are welcome to submit weather inquiries via text, email, phone or through the GWG website. We welcome any questions which are related to the weather. Examples may be:
  • "what time will the snow start tomorrow?"
  • "how much longer will it rain?"
  • "is it going to be windy tomorrow?"
  • "Should I order a hail report for my house?"
  • "How much rain did southern California get a couple weeks ago?"
From time-to-time during the trial, we may reach out to you and solicit feedback to help improve the experience. 
How quick will we get an answer?
GWG is a small shop...quite literally "mom and pop". However, we're weather enthusiasts and have a background in software development and meteorology. Thus, we have built numerous tools to make weather data access fast and reliable. That being said, please allow up to 24 hours for us to get back to you with a response.
What we're asking of you
First and foremost, ASK US QUESTIONS! Please use this time to ask us whatever comes to mind. We are trying to gauge what kind of questions will be asked, how long it takes us to answer them, and how accurate and usable you feel the information we provided was for your case.

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