July 24, 2023


This blog's topic is Mammatus clouds!  Below this introduction, you will find so much to read on mammatus clouds!


These are the sources of my information.

  • National Geographic Kids: Clouds by Marfé Ferguson Delano


The mammatus cloud type looks like hazy, bubbly clouds hanging from the bottom of a storm cloud called a cumulonimbus anvil.  Mammatus clouds usually will form after the worst part of a storm type has passed. 


The name for the cloud mammatus comes from the Latin word: "Mamma" which would translate to "udder", or another example "breast", since mammatus come on the underside of the cloud.



I read the book Clouds which had a tiny part about mammatus. All it talked about was the bubble shape of the cloud. It never even once said mammatus!


Have you ever seen mammatus clouds? I have. If you have seen them what did you think when you saw them? I thought they looked hazy. It hurt my eyes to look at them.    

And a final thank you to Mrs. Liz for coming up with this topic.


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Great job, Graham! I’m glad to learn that mammatus show up after the worst of the storm has passed! I think they look super cool! Thanks for teaching me something new!

Liz Jeffries

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