June 26, 2023

Good news from me, your friendly blogger, Graham.


Good news: These blogs are becoming a great GWG attraction, so, I will be making more interesting and more advanced blogs.


One question for this week: Have you experienced weather in the car while you drive somewhere?  I have, last week actually.  So many huge, fat rain droplets. My parents eventually gave me this: "We are going storm chasing."  (They were kidding… Sort of!)


While we were driving down to Houston, we stopped at a gas station and had to do what we wanted to do fast.  In the picture, as you can see, there is a tornado warning 30 minutes away. It was also heading in our direction.  But don't worry, we are fine. 


I also saw these clouds on our car trip down to Houston, aren't they cool? I got it just for you blog friends!

So do you like being in the car during weather? I know it can be boring sometimes. But keep your hopes up, like me in the car. One second it is tiny sprinkles every now and then, I even rolled down my window, then BOOM amazingly fat raindrops hit me and I rolled up my window in total shock. So #sometimescoolstuffcanhappen.


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