June 2, 2023

Hi, Blog readers, time has passed. I have forgotten if I did my blog last week. :(  Let's put that behind. 

Me being a bike rider, I have a weather based bike question for you: HOW DOES WEATHER AFFECT YOU RIDING YOUR BIKE? 

For me, it does not matter much. Sunny days, cloudy days, rain (only if it is warm), snow (maybe), sleet (shouldn't be up here, but it is better than the hazards down there).  

Other than that can be bad, such as the following hazards: hail, lightning, freezing rain, and tornadoes. 


My favorite weather to ride in is a partly cloudy day. What is your favorite?  I dislike riding on too hot sunny days, sleet, and any of the hazards. What do you dislike riding in?

Thank you for reading my blog, you guys are awesome!


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