October 2, 2023

Been so long friends since I have made a blog.  Finally this blog's topic is... Bum Bum Baa:  Forecasts of the Persimmon seed winter forecast and the every night forecast of the ring around the moon. 

1.  The ring around the moon:

The ring around the moon I had first found about on google in which I had planned a trip with my family to Powell Gardens.  Later that night at Powell Gardens we found a little deck with little fires on it. I walked outside to look at the moon, which was shining very bright that night. When I looked at it, I saw a little ring of light around it. "Guy's come quick!" I said to my parents who came to check on me. They also saw THE RING AROUND THE MOON.  Then my dad looked up from his phone to me and said: "Graham, you are right the forecast for tomorrow is a 59% chance of rain."  You may be asking why the ring around the moon has anything to do with rain. It is caused when the light from the moon passes through thin clouds of ice crystals, which are high in the Earth's atmosphere. And there you have it: why the ring around the moon can tell you when it will rain.

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2.  The winter Persimmon seed forecast: 
The Persimmon seed is correct almost 75% of the time so here are its predictions. If you see a fork in the seed the winter will be mild, not too soft, not too hard.  If you see a spoon there will be a lot, a lot of snow and it will be a soft winter.  If you see a knife the winter will be very, very cold and have sharp winds like a knife.
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Loved your blog, Graham! I learned two things I had never heard before; namely the persimmon seed forecast, and the ring around the moon predicting rain. Quite interesting! Thanks for taking the time to write about such intriguing topics!


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